Thursday, January 7, 2010


We were able to spend Christmas at my parents house in Henderson before our move to Colorado. I drove the little boys down there on the 16th while Chad loaded up a moving truck and started driving it to our new home. I took care of the kids in Vegas and Chad got our stuff moved into the new place. We kept arguing about who had the more difficult job. I did. For sure. A few days later he flew out to Vegas and we celebrated Christmas with my family. Christmas eve was fun, as always. Out to dinner, new Christmas pjs, and Dad reading from Luke 2. We missed Tia, but we knew she was opening up her Christmas pajamas in the MTC, and having a great Christmas there. Blake enjoyed his FIRST Christmas, peacefully snoozing under the tree while Santa set up the presents for him and Parker.

Parker on the other hand, wasn't quite so peaceful. He figured out how to climb out of the pack and play, and was up crying all night with Chad. I think the terrible twos have begun, mixed with a cold. Even with the bad night, Santa still decided to leave a few things for Parker. Highlights were his train set,

and "Dorothy" the fish that looks just like Elmo's fish. (Actually there are 2 fish in the bowl. Santa took precautions in case Dorothy didn't last until Christmas morning).

The Zwick family traditional pull-apart breakfast was a hit, of course, and other than a few more melt downs from the toddler who didn't sleep on Christmas Eve... It was a really fun day. Merry Christmas!

My favorite Christmas Present

All I wanted for Christmas was a night out with Chad-- and a full night sleep without the kids. So, my parents watched the boys for a night while we were in Vegas. Chad and I felt so free as we drove away! We stayed at the Green Valley Resort, shopped at the district, ate at the Cheesecake factory, went to a movie, slept in, and enjoyed a nice breakfast buffet. I wish we could say that we missed the kids that night, but we were having to much fun to really worry about them. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking care of the little guys. Best present ever!

Day of Thanks

Ok... time to catch up! Thanksgiving day was great. We woke up really early, threw the kids in the car, and drove from St. George down to Vegas to spend the day with my family. The festivities started with the annual Zwick family tennis tournament, which was a blast. Being the only Zwick child who didn't play tennis in highschool, you can imagine how far I got in the bracket. OUT round one. Maybe one of my boys will win it for me one year! Appetizers were a hit, and the Thanksgiving dinner was perfect. Topped it all off with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.... and now, time to start a diet. Everyone had a lot to be thankful for, and it was great having us all together for Tia's last holiday before the mission. Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting a great Thanksgiving!