Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Baltimore Christmas

Since we weren't able to fly anywhere due to my impending due date, we celebrated our first Baltimore Christmas, here. I worked on Christmas day, so we did most of our celebrating on the 24th. We woke up in new Christmas pj's, ate a big breakfast of pull-aparts, eggs, bacon, and OJ, and then opened up everything under the tree as we listened to Christmas music. We received so much stuff... I think our families felt bad for us that we had to stay out here. Thanks mom and dad, and all our sibs for so many great gifts. It was fun to celebrate our own little Christmas together. Later on we took a nap, went out to see the movie "Enchanted" (it's great) and then went out to dinner.

On the real Christmas morning, I went to work, expecting to be there for my full 12+ hours, but came to find out that I won the "lottery" and got to go home early! Yay! I stayed at work till about 2pm. The Pediatric ICU is always a special place, but it was actually kind of cool to be there on Christmas. It is sometimes hard for me to know that most of the children there don't have much longer to live, and really have no idea that it is Christmas. But I still opened up a stocking for my tiny little patient, and read him his new book, and wrapped him in his new Christmas blanket. As he stared at me with his huge dark eyes, I could feel that there was a special spirit there that made me grateful that I was able to serve these children on Christmas.

Chad picked me up from Johns Hopkins and we got to spend the rest of the day together. We went to visit our friends the Hales who just had their little boy a few days ago. It made us so excited for our much anticipated holiday package... our little baby who should be here in just a few weeks. We can't wait. I think Chad has been "nesting" even more than I have as he has cleaned out and organized all of our storage, and every single square inch of our house from baseboards to ceiling fans to drawer compartments in preparation for this little guy to come. What a great husband!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!