Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm a little obsessed...

With this cute guy

who turned 6 months old on January 2nd, and is wearing 12-18 month clothes. Our big boy Blakey melts my heart and laughs at just about anyone and anything. The months are flying by too fast... I can't get enough kisses on those cheeks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


A post to clear up some confusion... Yes, as much as we really did love St. George, at the end of December we packed up and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Chad was working as a retail pharmacist in St. George, but was still itching to get back into the clinical side of pharmacy and get more use out of his MBA. He applied for a sweet job in Colorado, and actually getting it was kind of a long shot... we thought. After a few interviews and flights out to Grand Junction, Chad is now working as a clinical pharmacist for a big insurance company and healthcare provider here, doing what he always wanted to do with his MBA and PharmD degrees, doing drug research and making formulary decisions. He is in love with his job, and we are so happy to be living here.

We live in a really small town outside of Grand Junction. It is snowy, but beautiful, and everyone has been really welcoming. We are excited to live in this area and we are looking forward to all of the fun out-doorsy adventures that we now have to be a part of. Looks like it's time to dust off the skis and snowboard, buy a mountain bike, and learn how to camp. Are we ready for this?

Blake seems to think he is :)