Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

A boring Saturday night that consisted of getting a shake at Jack in the Box drive through, gave us the urge to head out of town on a mini impromptu vacation. With Vegas being less than 2 hours away, we checked priceline to see if we could splurge and find a fun 5 star hotel to stay in. Splurge we did, and the next thing I knew, Chad had booked the Wynn for the weekend and we were off

We definitely felt a little out of our league, wheeling our double stroller into that place,

but come on, what little boy wouldn't love to jump on a five star bed, or soak their swim diaper in a five star pool once in their lifetime? Ha ha. The Wynn did not disappoint. We got right down to business checking out the goods of the room

Then we hit the strip for the Vegas night life the pirate show at Treasure Island

And the wynn shops and waterfalls

The next day was mostly spent here

Doing a little of this

Going to the Lion habitat at the MGM

And meeting up with my family for dinner, and my dad's favorite, a walk on the strip! The boys were exhausted so when they quickly fell asleep, Chad and I played cards and ate peanut butter m&m's overlooking the strip from our room.

It was a great weekend. But now, our 5 star days are done and its back to sesame street and Mr. Mitt... Parker's favorite past time :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pretty boys

Little Blake just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day. He has the prettiest little features... in fact, both of my boys would make really beautiful girls. Lets just hope that if we ever have a girl, she doesn't look like she could be a boy!