Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parker's smile

Cute little Park's huge grin has been one of his trademarks since the day he first learned how to smile. He is such a cheeser and love to show off his pearly whites. Well, his smile which looked like this yesterday:

Looks more like this today:

He was running full speed in the kitchen, tripped, and faceplanted on the stone tile. He bit through part of his lip and significantly chipped his front two teeth. I feel so bad for him, and I am so upset about it. Poor little guy, keeps sticking his finger in his mouth, to feel the weirdness, but doesn't understand that he looks any different, so he keeps smiling away. Wow. I am so glad that his baby teeth were the only major casualty of the fall, but man, am I the worst mom for being so effected by it??? Those little teeth really need to be fixed before the other nursery kids make fun of him.