Saturday, October 18, 2008

Picture attempt

We took Parker to get some 9 month/fall pictures taken. He had just eaten, had just gotten up from a really great nap, and LOVES having his picture taken, so we thought we were in for a treat. Park threw us a little curve ball and decided he didn't like the photographer (so not like him!), so between sobs, I we ended up getting a few red, teary eyed shots. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I did it....

Well, actually Lindsey did it. My hair needed some help. After having Parker and feeling like my hair is 50% thinner, 50% less manageable, and with 50% less time to spend on it, I decided that making it 50% shorter just might be the winning solution. So, I broke down and joined the ranks of moms who cut their hair short after having a baby and never go back to the long stuff. I am a mom, I love it, and I love my new hair to show for it.... now I just need some of these