Friday, June 19, 2009

Early addict

Diet coke flows like water in our house. We just can't get enough, and now we seem to be rubbing off on the little one. The few drops he gets out of this empty can are going to have to satisfy his need for a now. Maybe in a couple more years bud.

Nesting and more...

Well, I am full term, and SO ready for this baby to be born! I will be 38 weeks soon and we are all getting very anxious to meet this little guy. Parker and I have turned into clean freaks. It's all we do these days. I guess the nesting is setting in for all of us. I don't think Park understands what all of his hard work is preparing for. Poor kid!

We are still absolutely loving our life in St. George. We have been able to catch some awesome sunsets from our front yard. Summer nights here are just perfect. Chad has been studying like crazy for his pharmacy boards so that we can get all of that out of the way before the baby is born. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all of the timing works out. Other than that, we continue to have lots of visitors stopping through. We love it. Keep coming! The other night our great friends from Maryland, the Skinners spent the night. It was so much fun to stay up late and catch up with them and let the kids play together. We miss you guys already!!!