Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Thanksgiving, Christmas, Big move to Colorado, Toddler beds and solid foods..... so much to catch up on, but no time to blog. I promise I'll be back soon. As for now, I should attend to the toddler who is having a major melt down in his room. Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I really don't usually like to reuse costumes, and had so many cute ideas for this year, but Chad and I decided to pull out the scarecrow and witch again (its been a few years) because we knew our kids would make the cutest tin man and lion that anyone had ever seen.

Since we were out in Vegas, we got to celebrate Halloween with a lot of the Zwick family. We went to the "district" -- some outdoor shops near my parents house, and really enjoyed the spooky festivites that were there... not to mention lots of really great costumes to look at :)

After the district, we decided to fill up our tin man's bucket just a little bit more, so we went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It took a few houses for Parker to realize he wasn't supposed to walk into each house when they opened the door. But, he loved saying "ti ta tee (trick or treat)" and "Kank Coo (thank you)". It was so cute. Once the kids started looking like this...

We loaded them up and drove back to St. George. They slept, and Chad and I ate the halloween candy the whole way back. Yum. Happy Halloween everyone!

I love to see the temple

We got to go through the Las Vegas temple with my little sister Tia on Saturday morning. It was her first time, as she is preparing to leave for her mission. It was so neat to be able to share that special day with her, and be with her for such an important event. We love you Tia!

Parker's Pumpkin Carving






Thursday, October 29, 2009

The pumpkin patch

I love the month of October for so many reasons, but one big one would have to be the trip to the pumpkin patch.

I don't know why I get so excited for this every year. A couple of weekends ago, we went to a farm out here that did not disappoint! We got to play in the corn,

rope swing in the hay stacks,

ride the "cow train",

feed the baby goats,

and chase a chicken until it got away (so sad)

Then we rode out on the tractor to hand pick our pumpkins in the beautiful pumpkin patch

Parker was loving the farm, and especially loved seeing all the trucks and tractors ("I drive")

and dancing like a cowboy to the barn music.

Blake was content just hanging out with Mom

What a fun night!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear Parker:

I know you never asked for a little brother, so thanks for being so nice to me. I can't stop staring at you whenever you are in the room. I watch you wherever you go because I want to be just like you. No one can make me smile bigger than you can.
Especially lately, now that you are giving me attention and big hugs! Thanks for always helping Mom change my diapers, for getting me my binkie when I cry, and for always offering me your pretzels. Thanks for letting me wear your pajamas when mine were all dirty ( I know that's embarrassing that they fit me too)
and for letting me in on your bath time ( I know that shocked you a little bit the first time I was in there with you)

You are the best big brother in the whole world, and I hope to grow up to be just like you! I love you!

Love, your baby brother Blake (Gake)

Sin City... round 2

We had so much fun a few weeks ago, that we decided to go back to Vegas. We spent Friday and Saturday night with Chad's family out at Lake Mead.
It was so much fun to be together, watch General Conference, and let the little cousins play. Parker wanted to take Kenna on a jeep ride and somehow she was all for it. Scary thought :)

After that, we drove the rest of the way to Vegas and stayed on the strip Sunday and Monday night. We walked around the shops at Caesars and found the world's greatest toy store, FAO Schwartz. Parker had a blast playing with all of the stuffed animals, dancing in the room of mirrors

trying on silly hats,

and introducing Blake to a couple of the greatest characters in the world, Elmo, and BB (aka Big Bird)

Other highlights from the trip included lots of pool time,

the fountains at the Bellagio,

walks on the strip with yummy frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity and meeting up with my family for a great dinner on Monday night. Thanks for the good time Vegas... I'm sure we will be back soon :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

A boring Saturday night that consisted of getting a shake at Jack in the Box drive through, gave us the urge to head out of town on a mini impromptu vacation. With Vegas being less than 2 hours away, we checked priceline to see if we could splurge and find a fun 5 star hotel to stay in. Splurge we did, and the next thing I knew, Chad had booked the Wynn for the weekend and we were off

We definitely felt a little out of our league, wheeling our double stroller into that place,

but come on, what little boy wouldn't love to jump on a five star bed, or soak their swim diaper in a five star pool once in their lifetime? Ha ha. The Wynn did not disappoint. We got right down to business checking out the goods of the room

Then we hit the strip for the Vegas night life the pirate show at Treasure Island

And the wynn shops and waterfalls

The next day was mostly spent here

Doing a little of this

Going to the Lion habitat at the MGM

And meeting up with my family for dinner, and my dad's favorite, a walk on the strip! The boys were exhausted so when they quickly fell asleep, Chad and I played cards and ate peanut butter m&m's overlooking the strip from our room.

It was a great weekend. But now, our 5 star days are done and its back to sesame street and Mr. Mitt... Parker's favorite past time :)