Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zwick Trip to Florida

We spent the week of the 4th of July in Florida with the whole Zwick clan. My parents rented beach condos on the little island, Siesta Key, just off the coast of Florida. We had so much fun being together. The white sand beach was AMAZING, with perfectly warm water. Lots of time was spent laying out at the beach, great pools, restaurants, really late nights talking, and we even got to see my Grandpa and Grandma Stevens, who live down in Florida. Parker loved being with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We celebrated my mom's birthday on July 3rd... so fun, and then celebrated the 4th of July all together. I have never had a better 4th of July! We layed on lounge chairs right on the beach, and watched a great fireworks display over the ocean, as well as all the hundreds of personal shows people were lighting all around us. People bring BIG stuff to the beach. It was awesome, and our little dare devil Parker loved every second. Can't wait to go back next year!
Park and I stayed a few extra days with my mom at my grandparents house and we were really spoiled. It was really fun to have my mom to myself for a few days too.
Thanks mom and dad for a great trip! We love you!

Hopkins on ABC

If anyone is interested in what I did before I was a mom, tune into the new Hopkins show on ABC this Thursday night 10:00pm/9central. I worked as a nurse in the PICU (pediatric ICU) which will be featured this week on the show. Yeah, it was craziness. I tried to avoid the cameras, but who knows, maybe I'll make an appearance.

It's kind of bitter sweet now, not working there. It was probably the hardest thing I ever did, and you seriously had to put your entire life into each of the 12 hour shifts working there, literally trying to save lives 24/7... it was a whole other world in the PICU, but it was so worth it. I saw lots of miracles, and grew a ton during the hard times. In a way, it really prepared me for being a mother, which is the best job in the world, and a LOT less intense and crazy than the PICU ever was! Phew!