Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anytime now...

Hopefully this is my last belly picture. I am 39 weeks and SOOO ready to see this kid. The doctor didn't think I would make it through the weekend still prego, but here I am, Sunday afternoon, and still as big as ever. I think you have been in there long enough, little guy, come on out already!!!


I'ts been an eventful licensing week at our house. We are official Utahns now! We finally got our Utah drivers licenses and license plates for our car and Chad's new purchase that he has wanted for a long time now, the Stella scooter. He loves it, and Parker loves it just as much. Park gives "scoot" a kiss on the headlight every time he sees it in the garage! And, "Beep Beep" has become one of his favorite phrases, thanks to scoot.

In addition to those licenses, Chad found out this week that he passed all of his Pharmacy board exams! Yeah! He is now a licensed Utah pharmacist! We were so happy to get this news. And I am so proud of Chad and all of his hard work!