Friday, September 26, 2008

Chad's getting old...

As mentioned in the last post, we celebrated Chad's birthday (September 7th) at Lake Mead. I was so glad that he was able to make it out for a couple of days so we could be together for the big day. I am so grateful for Chad. He is such a fun dad, wonderful husband and very best friend. Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Chad growing up. Isn't he just the cutest little boy???

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trip Installment 2: The Lake House

Park and I met up with Chad's family and spent 4 days at Lake Mead. I think it may have been my favorite trip to the lake house yet. It was so fun to see Parker interact with his cousins and experience the lake and boating for the first time. The new boat, jet skis, skin baking sun, jeep rides, hammock naps, and perfect glass water were breath-taking... all of it. Chad flew in on Friday for his birthday weekend, and Matt and Ash spent the weekend at the lake with us as well. It was so good to see Chad after a week and a half. Parker and I really missed him! Chad spent his birthday eating his birthday cereal (a Burnham family tradition), waterskiing (one of my FAVORITE things to watch Chad do), and topping it all off with Cafe Rio before he had to fly back to Baltimore. It was so nice to be with our Burnham family in such a beautiful place that is so much fun, and has already created so many memories! Thanks Mom and Dad! We can't wait to do it again!!!