Thursday, March 6, 2008

Park is home!

Parker's surgery went really well on Tuesday. We arrived at Johns Hopkins and were greeted by all familiar faces of my great friends who I work with, which made everything a lot easier on us. Chad and I were able to carry Parker into the operating room and stay there with him until he fell asleep. It was so hard to lay his little body down on the big operating room table and have to walk away. Even though we new he was in good hands, we were both a little emotional. The surgery went great, and he was back in our arms within the hour. We had to stay overnight that night just because he is still so young and had a lot of anesthesia, so I slept (well, not much sleep) there with him. We were able to leave the hospital and come home pretty early yesterday. Parker is doing great, and we are so grateful for his speedy recovery. Thank you everyone for your concern and prayers for him and us. Here are some pics from the hospital:

Last minute snuggles before surgery

All done in the recovery room

Is it over?

Good sleep in my hospital bed