Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update on the Boys

Parker will turn 3 in a couple of weeks (January 16th).  Some days I can't believe he is that old, and somedays I feel like he should be at least 5 because he thinks he is.  He is our little analytical guy.  He thinks about things SO much and has the best memory in the world.  He randomly brings up old memories of things we did over 6 months ago.  Usually, I can hardly remember the event he is talking about.  
He recites the alphabet about 20 times a day. He loves to do anything that has to do with letters or reading and has started to read a few simple words on his own.  I wish I could take all the credit for that, but I have to admit that and 's  learning games were definitely the catalyst for his learning.  He sneaks away multiple times a day, starts up the computer, types in the website, and starts playing his games  "all by my self" -- a common phrase around our house.  
Parker has a very strong-willed personality.  He is organized and calculated and gets upset when things don't turn out how he has pictured them in his head.  He is my resident back-seat-driver and gives me driving directions from his carseat in the back.  He is always telling me where to turn, when to stop, go, speed up, slow down or turn around.  It is also a requirement that we stop long enough at every stop sign for him to spell out the word "S-T-O-P... that spells stop."
Parker also has a fun, crazy side to him.  He loves to play, and wrestle, especially with Chad, who he is OBSESSED with.  He loves to play outside, do bum wars on the trampoline, sing songs, play with any type of ball, and shoots a basketball with PERFECT form... as long as he is shooting from his "sweet spot"  He gives the best hugs without being prompted from us.  And although we complain about it, Chad and I both secretly love it that he climbs into bed with us in the middle of the night.  

18 month old Blake is rough and tough.  He doesn't know his own strength and usually wins the wrestling matches that HE STARTS with Parker.  He is so dramatic on all ends of the spectrum.  He can be the happiest, saddest, funniest, or maddest kid I have ever seen.  Even when he is happy though, he tries to pretend like he is grumpy and complains in jibberish with a scowl on his face if you look at him.  He is a crack up and has more personality in that little body than he knows what to do with.  He adores Parker and wants to copy him all the time.  He is starting to talk a lot more now, loves to dance, run, kick soccer balls, and give long, soft kisses (watch out girls!)
He loves to have his back tickled as he is falling asleep.  And usually will say "Please, please"  if you try to stop.  Gets me everytime.  
Blake is our big eater and will out-eat Parker at any given meal.  Now that they are only about 3 pounds apart, Park needs to start watching his back with this guy around.  

Pretty much... I love my two little guys, and watching them grow and develop into real little people.  They sure are a handful most of the time, but I don't think I would have them any other way.  


Tristina said...

So fun to hear about your boys - they are so adorable.

I have started napping some afternoons and I often secretly let Caelan nap with me. There is something so sweet about his little warm body snuggling me. I am glad I am not the only one.

Lacey said...

oh my goodness those boys are too adorable, seriously. that is amazing that Parker can read! hello! Halle can't even spell her name. oh well, she will get there, i should have her start doing those games online. :)

chad said...

Parker can read?! That's great news!

Burnhams said...

Lacey (and Chad)... a few's a short list:
mom, dad, parker blake, TV, Stop, go, toys. thats it.

Zwick family said...

It doesn't matter how many words he can read....he's not even 3 years old, and he can read!
They are the cutest, best boys in the whole world!

Nate and Lori said...

Im so happy to see you back on here! You do have some pretty cute boys. I love the Blake is dramatic...sounds like he has a lot in common with Reese. Hopefully someday they can get together and play.

Leale said...

cute updates on the boys. i can't believe how grown up they are getting. madison will be 8 in a few weeks and getting baptized. we still talk about how you watched her when brooklin was born and brought her to the hospital. 5 years ago!!! time sure flies.