Sunday, July 11, 2010


We decided to try our luck taking the boys camping for one night... the trial run.  After buying all the gear we needed, we went to the lake about 15 minutes from our house and set up our camp spot.  We had a blast and the boys were so excited.   Camping activities included swimming in the lake, playing soccer and badmitten, roasting hotdogs over the fire, Smores, and all of us snuggling in the tent.  

Parker had a really hard time falling asleep because he was SO excited to be sleeping in the tent.  He couldn't stop reminding us that we went camping, and giving us kisses.  It was cute.  Once he finally closed his eyes, Chad and I even snuck in a few card games under the stars.  

Surprisingly, the camping trial run was a success.  Although I have never been big on camping, we had a lot of fun, and bought all of the gear, so, I guess this means we will be camping a lot more in the future....

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